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Measuring for heated flooring
Measuring for heated flooring
Here are the main products benefits and installation methods to direct you towards the best option for your floor heating needs.
2 main factors will limit your choice:
  • The available voltage
    The heating mat is only available for a voltage of 120 volts
  • The choice of floor covering
    The membrane is not compatible with flexible or wood floor coverings.
True Comfort offers 3 ways to heat your floor:

Heating Mat

  • Simply and quickly installed
  • For all types of floor coverings*
  • More expensive to buy, but saves installation time
A square / rectangular room with no object to bypass, voltage of 120 volts: mat

Cable and membrane

  • Uncoupling
  • For ceramic, porcelain and natural stone only
  • Installed directly on the subfloor
  • Cable adapts perfectly to all room shapes, no cold area
  • As a main heating source, it maximizes the heated surface
  • Competitive price
Harmonization of floor finish heights and uncoupling of the tiling.

Cable and gauges

  • A solid and proven installation
  • For all types of floor coverings*
  • The subfloor is already installed
  • The most competitive price
  • Cable adapts perfectly to all room shapes, no cold area
  • As a main heating source, it maximizes the heated surface
Uniform heat dissipation regardless of the floor covering at a competitive price: cable and gauges
With the exception of natural hardwood, cork and any material exceeding insulation greater than R-1 (RSI 0.18).

How to choose your thermostat?

Non-programmable thermostat

  • Easy to use. Not a tech person? Only 2 buttons to operate; 1 to raise the temperature and 1 to lower it. It’s that easy!
  • As a main heating source, particularly in the presence of a large mass such as a concrete slab, the inertia of this system suggests maintaining your comfort temperature at all times. The masses are less subject to temperature variations caused by quick changes in condition, which will ensure comfort at all times, even during nighttime.

Le thermostat programmable wifi

  • WIFI Programmable Thermostat Are you planning to use your system as a complementary heat source to enjoy the warmth of your floors at specific times of the day? This thermostat is perfect for you, with up to 6 programs available.
  • If installed in a second home, the ideal temperature can be fixed before your arrival, allowing you to save on energy.
  • Interested in energy savings by joining a time-of-day billing program? This is the thermostat for you.
  • Are you a tech person? Are you charmed by Google Home and Alexa? The True Comfort Connect application offers a multitude of settings options while being compatible with the ones mentioned above. You can then keep an eye, or two, on your system activity.

The most frequently asked question: how to determine the area to be heated?

The precise calculation of the surface to be heated is essential to obtain uniform heating of the floor. Don't let anyone tell you that the heat is going to expand ... Contrary to popular belief, where there is no heating cable, there is no heat.

The uniformity of the heating cable spacing will also have an impact on the uniformity of the generated heat, and may be felt differently depending on the sensitivity of your feet.

The surface to be heated can be determined in two easy steps. Keep in mind that the inch measurement is preferred for its accuracy.

Measuring for heated flooring
  • Step 1 – Measurement of the total area of ​​the room.
  • Step 2 - Objects touching the ground are measured and subtracted from the total area.

That’s it! You now know the area to be heated. The cable or mat coverage you will choose cannot exceed that area.

There will necessarily be places that will not be heated. You can dispose of it judiciously outside normal traffic areas; for example, near the walls, behind a door, on each side of a fixed piece of furniture, etc. Something is challenging you? Contact Customer Service; we can advise you.

Note that for the membrane, the area to be calculated is identical to the area to be tiled.

Area Calculation Guide

NOTE : The shower must have its own cable.


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