The uncoupling membrane has become a must-have to consider for the ease of installing a heating cable.

Its main purpose is to curtail movement between the different materials used in the complete assembly.

The uncoupling membrane compensate for horizontal movements up to 1/8’’ which in turn protects the tiles from cracking and delamination.

To top it off, installing the heating cable becomes as easy as 1-2-3!

For more details, consult the uncoupling membrane Installation Guide.


  • Easy installation of the heating cable
  • Protects tiles from cracking and delamination

  • More uniform transition with adjacent non-heated floor covering

  • Can replace the underlayment required for tiling

  • Subfloor vapor management

  • Uniform load distribution
  • Tile installation without drying delay


Modified or non-modified, that is the question… and many more as important are covered in the tables below.



Uncoupling Membrane in 33″ x 39″ sheet (8.9 ft²)

24.00 $


  • Available in 33’’x39’’ (8,9 ft²) sheet

  • Height of  ¼ inch (5.5 mm)

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Maximum heating density: 15 watts/square foot
  • 10-year warranty


Installing a heating floor system has never been so easy!

The uncoupling membrane is installed in a few easy steps.

If you wish to have your system installed by a professional, talk to your True Comfort retailer to find out more about their installation services.


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