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In accordance with Canadian law, Bill C-6, approved on April 13, 2008, True Comfort applies the 10 principles set out in the ‘Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act’ (PIPEDA). For more information on your rights and responsibilities regarding this law, please consult the following website:

Please read the full version of the True Comfort privacy and data protection policy.

True Comfort Inc. (hereinafter True Comfort, and composed of the company itself and all other brands marketed by it) applies the 10 principles set out in the ‘Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act,’ which include the following responsibilities maintained by the privacy officer.

The privacy officer ensures that all responsibilities are understood and assumed by the entire organization and answers all questions about the privacy and data protection policy from clients/prospects/consumers/employees/others.

True Comfort protects all personal information that the organization has in its possession through its internal support systems and firewalls. Our clients’ personal information is never transferred to a third party without their express consent.

True Comfort is responsible for all provisions included in its privacy and data protection policy.

True Comfort collects personal information from its clients for the following reasons:

  1. To open an account (a credit application is completed):

The information collected includes first and last names, company name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail, websites, banking institution with contact(s), type of business, incorporation date, suppliers, etc.

This information is used to ensure proper function of the ordering process and efficient delivery of our product(s) and service(s).

The information collected is transferred into the company network, which can be seen by all employees. However, only the accounting department has authorized access to change retailer information in the network.

  1. For marketing purposes:
    The Marketing Department regularly sends information in the form of press releases/promotional offers/etc. by e-mail/advertisement/fax/mail/etc. to retailers/prospects/consumers to keep them informed of events/promotional offers/product or industry information that may be useful for them.

True Comfort always offers retailers/prospects/clients the option of no longer receiving these communications.

Retailers are added to True Comfort’s list as soon as they are considered authorized True Comfort retailers. Retailers are informed of the addition of their information to the True Comfort list as soon as they send us their duly completed credit application.

Prospects/consumers/users can register in the True Comfort data base through any one of several on-line resources, such as one of the True Comfort Internet sites. Prospects/consumers/users acknowledge that by registering, they agree to allow their information to be added to the True Comfort data base. However, each time the prospects/consumers/users are contacted, they have the option of no longer receiving our communications if that is their wish.

Objective of marketing data collection:
Inform retailers/prospects/consumers/users, using various marketing strategies, about new products, already existing products, brands, services offered, news, promotional offers and events in the heating industry and/or of general interest for consumers. The Marketing Department will use the various personal information provided to True Comfort by individuals only in order to receive marketing-related documentation/promotional offers/etc., unless clients decide otherwise and for that reason provide their consent. All personal information will be collected by e-mail/Internet/fax/telephone/mail.

All marketing promotional offers sent by Internet/e-mail from True Comfort will contain:
The True Comfort privacy and data protection policy with information about how to contact the company with questions.
The procedure to follow if the addressee no longer wishes to receive promotional offers and other marketing initiatives.
The procedure to follow if personal information must be corrected.
The procedure to follow if the addressee wants to send us comments.

Before becoming a retailer, every new distributor receives a True Comfort credit application. On the back of the credit application form, it is stated that all new distributers/retailers will be entered into the True Comfort data base. (Be sure to read the privacy and data protection policy at: However, after receiving the initial marketing communications by e-mail/fax/or otherwise, retailers may decide at any time, if they so choose, to be removed from the marketing data base by contacting True Comfort by telephone, fax, e-mail or through the website.

Consent is given when the credit application is signed (filed by True Comfort for proof of signature in its Accounting Department) in the case of new retailers. However, in the case of already existing retailers, consent to receive marketing materials is obtained either online (for Internet mailings) or by telephone/mail for the postal mailing list (the Marketing Department is responsible for following up consents).

Should retailers/prospects/consumers/users choose to be removed from the True Comfort marketing data base (the consent is withdrawn), they assume responsibility for not being informed of new promotional offers, service offers, events, etc. that True Comfort may offer at any time.
Retailers/prospects/consumers/users who are removed from the marketing data base acknowledge that they will not receive materials sent by the Marketing Department unless it is otherwise notified.

True Comfort will collect only the information required to deliver their products. In the case of marketing materials, only the information relevant to delivery and follow up of marketing materials will be collected (minimum: name, company name and e-mail – maximum: name, company name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail).

Personal information about retailers/prospects/consumers/users will be used only in the following circumstances:

To ensure proper function of the ordering and delivery process.

To ensure effective communication about events, promotional offers, promotional materials, catalogues, press releases, advertisements and other forms of marketing.

To facilitate all communications-related requests made by retailers/prospects/consumers to True Comfort.

No information about clients will be disclosed for other reasons than those stated above.

Information about retailers/prospects/consumers/users can be changed/updated at any time.

Retailers/prospects/consumers/users may ask for their information to be changed/updated if they wish. True Comfort makes all changes within 48 hours of a change request.

If retailers/prospects/consumers/users wish to receive the list of information kept by True Comfort, they must contact True Comfort by e-mail, fax or telephone. True Comfort will be sure to send the requested information to them. Clients must contact the privacy officer for all personal information stated above.

At True Comfort, client information is protected as follows:

  1. a) Access to information is limited to those who deal directly with the accounts.
    b) True Comfort computer system, firewall, etc.

These two precautions ensure that the information is adequately used and distributed throughout the organization (True Comfort), which makes it possible to efficiently process orders and transfer information.

Clients may at any time request a copy of the True Comfort privacy and data protection policy. It is available on the True Comfort website ( as well as on all websites associated with True Comfort and can also be sent by all True Comfort employees. All retailers are informed of the privacy and data protection policy on the credit application form.

All prospects/consumers/users are informed of the True Comfort privacy and data protection policy, which is accessible on its websites and through a link inserted in all email messages.

Retailers/prospects/consumers/users may request their personal information at any time. These individuals may only request the personal information specifically kept by True Comfort. Individuals other than those who have consented to be entered into the True Comfort data base will not have access to the information of the other members registered in the data base.

If at any time, an individual believes that True Comfort has not fulfilled its responsibilities in protecting personal information, a formal complaint can be filed if required.

If you have any questions or comments about the privacy and data protection policy, feel free to contact our privacy officer.

Telephone: 1-877-800-TRUE (8783) | 450-677-TRUE (8783)



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